2021 Hugo Awards eligibility Post: Best Fan Writer

Despite being in the pandemic for another year, I’ve managed to produce quite a few quality pieces as a pop culture freelance contributor and I’m once again eligible to be nominated for “Best Fan Writer” in the 2022 Hugo Awards.

In particular, I’ve been pretty successful when it comes to critiquing and discussing comic books and video games in my freelance pieces. Not only have I done another year of great features and reviews for the Eisner award winning website Women Write About Comics, but I have also written comic book criticism for sites such as Comic Book Herald, Shelfdust, and Newsrama.

When it comes to my video game journalism, this year saw my debut at Fandom Games as I wrote features and essays on video games old and new. I have also written gaming essays and reviews at Escapist Magazine, Into More, and The Indie Game website.

Now, here are some of my best pieces in comic book journalism and gaming journalism as well as some sci-fi fantasy novel reviews and features.

Comic Book Journalism

Djeylia Is A Gorgeous Tale About The Power of Storytelling (Comic Book Herald)

The Treasure of The King And The Cat Is Filled With Magical Furry Fluff (Women Write About Comics)

The 1980’s Live Again In Jem and The Holograms 2015 Annual (Shelfdust)

VIDeo Game Journalism

Joshua Embodies And Subverts The “Kill God” Trope In The World Ends With You (Escapist Magazine)

10 Best 2D Sprite Games of All Time (Fandom Gaming)

Miitopia Let My Gay Imagination Run Free (Into More)

Sci-Fi Fantasy Book Criticism

Top Ten Black Sci-Fi Fantasy Books For Young Readers (Black Sci-fi)

Review: Can You Sign My Tentacle? (Black Sci-fi)

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