C-Changes Part 2

Hi all! I have a major announcement to make about future blog posts on this site. In order to better monetize my writing, I have decided to start more posting blog posts on my Patreon page and posting less on here. Although I love blogging and love making posts on here, I also like getting […]

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RWBY: Top 5 Things I Love

RWBY is an animated web series created by the company Roosterteeth and the late Monty Oum. The show’s basic premise is about four young girls: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. Together, they form a team of huntresses known as Team RWBY, being trained to fight monsters called Grimm in the […]

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Black Sci-Fi Article Roundup!

October is Black Speculative Fiction Month, which celebrates Black sci-fi and fantasy creators in books, film, comic books, and more. I’ve written about Black Sci-fi and fantasy for four years now, mostly over at the site Black Sci-fi. To celebrate Black Speculative Fiction Month and 4 years of loving Black speculative fiction, here are a […]

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My Top Five Magic Supeheroes

Recently, I realized that the majority of my favorite superheroes and superhero comics are about magic superheroes. With the exception of certain characters, I decided that I want to focus my superhero comics reading on magic superheroes from now on. Most of them might not be as well known as Batman or Spider-Man, but they […]

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5 Favorite Kemco Games On Android

After some frustration, I recently managed to buy and play a Kemco game from the Play Store that satisfied me. Up until this point, I only downloaded Kemco games from the Amazon app store (either buying them or getting them free from Amazon Underground). It’s worth noting that I originally put the Play Store on […]

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