My Gaming Writing

Although I’m not strictly a gaming critic, I’ve done quite a bit of gaming criticism and Esports features online. To that end, I decided to put all my gaming criticism on one post to make them easier to share on social media and elsewhere. Of course, this post will be updated with new pieces as […]

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C-Changes Part 2

Hi all! I have a major announcement to make about future blog posts on this site. In order to better monetize my writing, I have decided to start more posting blog posts on my Patreon page and posting less on here. Although I love blogging and love making posts on here, I also like getting […]

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RWBY: Top 5 Things I Love

RWBY is an animated web series created by the company Roosterteeth and the late Monty Oum. The show’s basic premise is about four young girls: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long. Together, they form a team of huntresses known as Team RWBY, being trained to fight monsters called Grimm in the […]

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Black Sci-Fi Article Roundup!

October is Black Speculative Fiction Month, which celebrates Black sci-fi and fantasy creators in books, film, comic books, and more. I’ve written about Black Sci-fi and fantasy for four years now, mostly over at the site Black Sci-fi. To celebrate Black Speculative Fiction Month and 4 years of loving Black speculative fiction, here are a […]

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My Top Five Magic Supeheroes

Recently, I realized that the majority of my favorite superheroes and superhero comics are about magic superheroes. With the exception of certain characters, I decided that I want to focus my superhero comics reading on magic superheroes from now on. Most of them might not be as well known as Batman or Spider-Man, but they […]

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