My Gaming Writing

Although I’m not strictly a gaming critic, I’ve done quite a bit of gaming criticism and Esports features online. To that end, I decided to put all my gaming criticism on one post to make them easier to share on social media and elsewhere.

Of course, this post will be updated with new pieces as they come along.


JRPG Openings And The Call To Adventure; Into The Spine

The Power of Chosen Family: Kingdom Hearts Sea Salt Trio; Strange Horizons

10 Popular Esports Teams and Their Accomplishments; Supernyx

Writing Video Game Fanfic Is Helping My Mental Health: SELF

How Kingdom Hearts Helped Me Affirm My Gender Identity; Anime Feminist


Evo 2019 Championship Players And Characters; Gamercraft

How Pro Gamers Make Money; Gamercraft

5 Popular Esports Game Genres; Gamercraft

*If you want, you can view more of my Gamercraft pieces


On Gaming, Fantastic Racism, and Real World Bigotry; Fireside Fiction

This Magical Girl Video Game Is The Most Fabulous Thing You’ll PlayPRIDE

Witch Spring, Fantastic Racism, And Colorism; I Need Diverse Games


Game Review: Aurion Legacy of the Kori-Odan

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